Open Letter


August 25, 2016

Dear Baltimore,

We opened our doors five years ago with vision and purpose. We strove to not only raise up lifelong learners, but to nurture our students into becoming community minded citizens. Though we continue to change and adapt over time, our core values remain unshakeable. We believe that true education is teaching a child to ask deep questions and then search for the answers, not passive consumption of information. We believe that every child is born with a creative spirit and can (and should) use their voice to make their community a richer place. We believe that every child will make ethical, good decisions so long as trusted adults lead by example.

Though we serve all of Baltimore City, (Roots & Branches School serves families from over 20 zip codes) our home is West Baltimore. Like any good neighbor, we believe in building community. As a hybrid community school, we provide meeting space for emerging neighborhood organizations, share monthly family dinners, and host a food pantry for those experiencing hunger challenges, knowing that supporting children means also supporting families. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child by incorporating art, music and movement into everyday activities. We create school as a safe place and intentionally teach our students ways to express and manage anger and frustrations to peaceably combat the plague of violence in our city. We choose to be a solution, instead of just another problem.

Our recent renewal process forced us to think deeply about our mission, and how we can provide an even stronger academic program, more inviting school climate, and best in class governance. West Baltimore leaders and families lent incredible support to our charter renewal effort, and for that we are eternally grateful. We will be rolling out our improvements this fall, and are confident both current and prospective families will agree that we remain a great elementary school option for their children.

We invite you to come visit us, whether a prospective family, or a community engager. Our school was born in West Baltimore. Here we grow. Here we thrive. We thank all of our families, staff, and volunteers for their continued trust, and wish all Baltimoreans a blessed and safe school year.


The Roots & Branches School Family